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Welcome to PrestoBuild

Having direct experience with general contractors in the past, PrestoBuild's inspiration is drawn from a drastic need for the industry to modernize itself; focusing on not only providing quality work, but prioritizing you - the customer.


The need for the industry to learn and appreciate the fundamentals:

  • Quick response time

  • Transparency

  • Quality customer service

  • First-rate project execution and delivery 

With a customer-centric focus, PrestoBuild delivers excellence by prioritizing client needs and expectations, executing all work in an efficient and timely manner, and consistently providing quality work measured at the highest standard.

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Serving: The Southern California Region

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Our Services

PrestoBuild focuses on a wide array of areas. We construct from the ground up, remodel your space to every last specification of your preference, and provide services from A to Z when it comes to maintaining a property.

Our work is designed to meet the needs of both property owners and tenants. Every project will be met with complete transparency in our work methods, effective communication at every step, and ensuring all expectations have been met upon completion.​

Given any project/task, PrestoBuild aims to fulfill every client's need and offer affordable resolutions for issues.

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"PrestoBuild really lived up to their name. They were responsive, quick, thorough, and diligent in their work."
High-rise Buildings

About PrestoBuild

With PrestoBuild, we focus on what matters. We are a CRE maintenance services company focused on providing a necessary modern, agile, sophisticated, unique touch to what we build, emphasizing quality, and expedited delivery, all with white-glove service.

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